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Development of advanced techniques for the simulation and assessment of vibrations induced by freight and high speed trains

The research objective of this award is to formulate a systematic and efficient computational approach for computer simulations to estimate the vibrations on the train, track, free-field and nearby surface or embedded structures generated by the high speed trains.  The passage of high speed trains over soft soil sites can create vibrations similar to a sonic boom with the potential to affect the train and track, and cause damage to nonstructural components in adjacent structures and annoyance to the occupants. The proposed work couples the well established Boundary Element Method and Finite Element Method in the time domain.  The approach developed here can accommodate arbitrary soil profile, track and train configurations.  All system components are equally represented in sufficient detail in a fully integrated dynamic interaction model for desired levels of computational accuracy.  The approach will be tested and verified on the field data.

Funding agency: 
National Science Foundation